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Carpet Cleaning in Redmond

*UCM Services Redmond is a small local cleaning service operation, and we gotta say, we like it that way. In fact, we'd say that our business culture at Carpet Cleaning Redmond quite nicely parallels the city of Redmond itself. While we have the opportunity to be the Seattle of carpet cleaning, we've chosen to stick to the 'burbs. We're a family oriented cleaning service that focuses on maintaining customer relations with current customers and creating long lasting relations with new ones.

Allergens And Bacteria

As experts in various home and office cleaning services on many levels, we would encourage any home owner to regularly implement any cleaning service that aids in the prevention and spread of allergens and mold. Our carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning services are carried out by our cleaning technicians operating state of the art steam cleaning machines. The nature of the machine guarantees that any airborne allergens brought in from the outdoors will not find your carpet a hospitable to stay. The same goes for soil, dirt, mud, stains, crayons, gum, and anything else that finds its way to your carpet. Since crowding of carpet fibers by various pathogens prevents a carpet from standing tall and shining bright, it is logical that the removal of said pathogens would restore a carpet back to its original state. This is most easily achieved by steam cleaning.
*(also referred as "Carpet Cleaning Redmond")

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We Also Clean...

Many other areas of your home require professional cleaning in order to prevent bacterial formations. Air ducts are just one example. An air duct's job is to suck up and filter out any dangerous gunk in the air and a properly functioning air duct will keep your breathing air clean. An under functioning HVAC system will firstly work overtime and result in higher utility bills and secondly begin to circulate unclean air. This unclean air might contain lung damaging allergens which can amplify allergy and asthma effects.

Carpet Cleaning Redmond specializes in various additional cleaning services for any home or office, such as tile and grout cleaning, flood water extraction and restoration, and more! For more information on Carpet Cleaning Redmond cleaning discounts and specials, don't hesitate to contact our local office today!

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